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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tomorrow is yet another Chemo Day...

As we prepare for yet another chemo day tomorrow, I've been reflecting about how strong Amber really is.  This illness has created a whirlwind in our family and sometimes all I do is sit and cry. It is so selfish because what Amber is going though is a million times worse what me or her sister are going through.  I wish I had the power to make this all just disappear and go back to life the way it once was. My baby had her drivers learning permit, and was so excited to get her license.  She had passed her drivers course and just awaiting January 2012 to come. She was constantly on the go with her friends, I could barely keep up with her and her sisters' activities. Amber was a straight A student with this photographic memory that I don't know where came from.  If only I could have none of that back, but this cancer gone, I would give anything...I love you from the bottom of my heart Amber!!!!

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